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Resident Wellness Support Group Weeks 5 & 6

Resident Wellness Support Group Weeks 5 & 6

So, I slacked last week , and tomorrow is my son’s first day of school so I will not be there either. I would love to hear from all of you how things are going though so please e-mail me updates or comment on my […]

Fun Tips!

Fun Tips!

Hey everyone! The interns have been sending me some awesome recipes and tips that we’d all like to share together. First, Thom is eating these like his life depends on it …with fresh whip cream: Keto Walnut Cookies   Second Tyler found these at Neighborhood […]

Resident Support Group Week 4

Resident Support Group Week 4

BOOM! we are like 1/2 way through people. ….and only 1/millionth the way through your life, but hey ….a win is a win.

Thank you everyone for showing up and continuing to do hard work.

I will work on the googledoc this weekend for fun Keto/Low Carb ideas , in the mean time here is my favorite Fat Bomb recipe:

1/2 lb of Butter (yes….butter) – let it soften a bit

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1/4 cup of cocoa powder (100% cacao or whatevers)

1/4 to 1/2 cup of swerve ( or other 1:1 ratio artificial sweetener

1 tablespoon of flaxmeal (ground flax seeds)

Mash it all up with a fork, then spoon little drops on to parchment paper , put said drops in the fridge for about 30min-1hour


The End.

And now this…brought to you by Dr. Abidi’s awesome gift to me last year , the “AFFIRMATORS!”

And Also this brought to you by Dr. Ard’s last text to me …..


And that is all. Have a great weekend everyone.

*I updated the recipe I mixed them up this one needs wat more sugar than one scoop if stevia…. My bad

Disclaimer! This Blog is NOT how I practice medicine.

Disclaimer! This Blog is NOT how I practice medicine.

This is not a site for medical advice. Everything you read here is my opinion, not my suggestion or recommendation for your specific medical care. I will not answer any questions related to your personal medical concerns nor those of your friends or family. If […]

Resident Support Group Week 3

Resident Support Group Week 3

Week 1 – AMAZEBALLS But in all seriousness it actually did go very well and I am so incredibly proud of all of you. Change seems impossible, especially in residency and yet you guys are 3 weeks in already taking steps towards happy and healthy. […]

Resident Support Group Week 2

Resident Support Group Week 2

I threw a lot of information at you guys today. Sorry about that….. Also…here is a lot more information…..again…sorry. But I have to teach you what you should have learned in medical school over the course of 1 day.

Your goal this week is to set up a concrete goal for yourself for the next 5 weeks involving your nutrition (i.e. “I will lower my carb intake to 100g per day”) . I encourage you to not focus on your weight or your calories. We will all weigh ourselves next week and get our body fat % , and then we will test again in 5 weeks but I encourage you not to do so in between or if you do please don’t use it as your measure for success or failure. Behavior change is VERY hard. If you try something that is this hard and really push yourself, the outcome should not be the measure of success, your ability to try something challenging and sticking with it can be the measure of success. Do hard things and be proud of that……..and hopefully lose fat……….

I have attached a Paleo Food Matrix as well to accompany the Low Carb High Fat food list I passed out in class today …the matrix is nice b/c it allows you to meal plan on your own…. For each meal choose a protein/fat/veggie and spice …. then all done. You own’t be cooking gourmet meals on the induction phase of either of these diets (i.e the phase where you detox form sugar/carbs) but it is simple and as you get past the first few weeks you can begin to experiment and broaden your cooking horizons. (if you want to do keto diet you can use the same matrix just avoid the veggies with a * b/c they have a higher carb count.

I want to re-iterate 3 points.

1. Low Carb is how we keep ourselves insulin sensitive and rebalance our hormones to adequate levels so our brain can do what it needs to do and limit our risk for disease processes. (if you want to delve into the awesome science of this please start by reading some of the sources that I added to the first e-mail)

2. High Fat is the best was to balance a low carb diet and make your brain happy. Often times people attempt to decrease/eliminate/restrict carbs , while at the same time limiting fat. If you do this you will be miserable, and your body won’t be able to get into ketosis very fast. I recommend again …going GANGBUSTERS with the fat … like …kid in a candy store but the candy store is full of butter/cream/cheese/oil ….GANGBUSTERS ….I cannot stress that enough as being one of the best ways to get through the first 2-3 weeks. This is obviously not a sustainable life plan …however it does get you through the first parts of misery/detox from sugar.

**** As you start decrease insulin in your body you will lose water weight, with this water you will lose electrolytes , SALT YOUR FOOD, drink lots of water, take Magnesium supplements , K+ supplements if needed or eat lots of green leafy veggies , many people doing nutritional ketosis very often drink 2 cups of chicken/veggie/beef stock or bone brother a day to replete these lost electrolytes *************

3. You don’t have to go full ketogenic forever (i.e. <20g carbs per day); in fact that really might not be right for your body. That being said I do encourage you all to try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you allow yourself to get into Ketosis for a little while , you can start working from there in terms of how many carbs your body needs , what are the macronutrient ratios that make the most sense for you as well. We will all be different and beauty of eating this way is that you can learn to start listening and trusting what your body is telling you it needs. Some people do not tolerate < 100g carbs per day and that is FINE, we just need to define what our body needs rather than just consuming epic amounts of carbs in a hope to feel better.

1. Increase insulin sensitivity – > decrease area under the curve of insulin in my blood stream over a lifetime -> lower risk of nasty disease process
2. I can decouple by emotional attachment to food when I no longer crave/need it
3. Meal preparation is easy . I only eat what was on that one sheet. I eat as much of it as I want and eat until I am full. I will also likely eat less often thus needing to prepare less food.
4. I no longer have to count calories.
5. I eat less often and my schedule and mood no longer revolve around when I last ate or when I will eat again, it was amazing how much time food prep/eating/thinking consumed. Its not even something I worry about anymore.

Here are some links to products that I use :
**** If you listen to and or sift through the Robb Wolf Paleo podcast or his website or the Leanne Vogel Keto Diet Podcast or her website Healthful Pursuit they very often has some discount codes for these products ****

Exogenous Ketones :

MCT Oil:

MCT Oil Powder ( I use this in coffee now instead of creamer, it makes it milky-ish and then add a little stevia or monk fruit sweetener + some protein powder ocassionally) :

Bone Broth Protein Powder:

Collagen Peptides (protein powder):

Resident Support Group Week 1

Resident Support Group Week 1

Thank you all for being willing and ready to join my group and learn fun new things about nutrition science. This will be my first time “Evangelizing” (as my husband calls it) about the things I have learned about nutrition science and how it has […]



I don’t like blogging, but apparently it is a thing people need to do now. I want a place to consolidate all of my information for my trainees and students so here you go. This nonsense is for you.   P.s. I will die before […]