Finding a Healthy and Happy You

Resident Support Group Week 3


But in all seriousness it actually did go very well and I am so incredibly proud of all of you. Change seems impossible, especially in residency and yet you guys are 3 weeks in already taking steps towards happy and healthy. Win. Keep being awesome.

When I received this picture of the interns at their keto-friendly dessert party I almost cried:

My hopes for all of you this week are as such:

1. Have Self-Compassion.  This is not pass/fail, this is not a competition, this is learning about what your body needs. I expect you to be really bad at this until one day you are slightly less bad.

2. Be a the Scientist you set out to be. Every day, every choice, every moment is an opportunity to collect another data point about yourself. Stay curious (and again…compassionate).

3. You are valuable just as you are and you can always do better. If you weren’t happy with your choices yesterday, make a different choice today, and if that doesn’t work ……… make fat bombs and then eat all of them.

(Google sheet with recipes/ideas/tips coming soon)