Finding a Healthy and Happy You

Resident Support Group Week 1

Thank you all for being willing and ready to join my group and learn fun new things about nutrition science. This will be my first time “Evangelizing” (as my husband calls it) about the things I have learned about nutrition science and how it has helped my life.

For all you in the exercise group (Neil and Rachel ) …….since there are only 2 we have decided to merge the 2 but your focus in support group will have an emphasis on exercise rather than nutrition challenge, but you will get the added benefit of the nutrition educationJ

I do not propose to know all the truths about this , I am just in the infancy of learning but the understanding I have gained and the changes I have implemented have radically changed the way that I feel and the energy I have day to day.

My hope for all of you is that we can transition from the world of “dieting” to a world of healthy life choices for a more sustainable future.

As there is A LOT of information to share and get through I wanted to pre-empt our first meeting by giving you some resources of where I have been able to learn a lot of the information that I will be sharing. I recommend starting by listening to some of the podcasts (especially the first one “Jocko Podcast” …mostly b/c its 2 of my favorite humans : Jocko Willink and Peter Attia) below . As Joy knows I am a HUGE fan of podcasts , they can open you up to so much new information and as well all drive a lot it is amazing the amount you can learn.

My personal journey has been a transition from Tim Ferris’s Slow Carb meal plan to Paleo and now through to Nutritional Ketosis which is the lifestyle that my husband and I are currently following. I do not believe that Nutritional Ketosis is for everyone and am a firm advocate of the idea that everyone needs an individualized plan that works for their body and their needs. That being said there are some fundamentals about carbohydrates and insulin that we really need to take a closer look at and I will get into that on our first meeting.

I would like to hear from all of you what your specific goal is for the next 6 weeks (lose weight, change habits, feel more energy, etc.) in terms of your nutrition and if there is anything in particular you want to learn about or questions that come up so I can address them.

LASTLY – as a disclaimer , if you suffer from a history of disordered eating I encourage you to join the CBT group as this group could potentially be triggering in ways that it is not set up to compensate for, there are still 2 more spots in that group in the event that anyone wants to switch for ANY reason.

Podcasts: #44 RHR: Why We Gain Weight—Beyond Carbs, Fat & Protein with Robb Wolf – Great podcast for Women


The Obesity Code:
Wired to Eat:
The Keto Diet:
The Real Meal Revolution: